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Insurance Accounting

Insurance Lead Generation Solutions

Cold e-mail marketing: Our targeted email campaigns are designed to reach potential insurance customers and generate quality leads. Our team crafts personalized emails with compelling content and a clear call to action to engage with your target audience.

Website optimization: We help insurance companies improve their online presence and increase lead generation through website optimization. Our experts analyze your website's performance and implement strategies to improve search engine rankings, user experience, and lead capture.

Sales support: Our team of experienced sales professionals provides comprehensive sales support to insurance companies. We assist with lead qualification, appointment scheduling, proposal creation, and follow-up to ensure successful sales conversions.

Cold calling: Our trained telemarketers generate insurance leads through cold calling campaigns. We identify potential customers and engage with them through personalized conversations to create interest and generate leads.

Insurance Business

Insurance Business Process Management

BPM for claim handling: Our team uses innovative technologies and streamlined processes to manage the end-to-end claims process, from claim intake to resolution, to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Customer acquisition: We offer customized business process management solutions for insurance customer acquisition. Our team designs and executes effective lead generation strategies that target potential customers, nurturing them through the sales funnel to improve conversion rates and increase revenue.

Services for reinsurance: Our team provides comprehensive outsourced solutions for reinsurance companies. We assist with underwriting, policy administration, claims handling, and risk management to help clients optimize their reinsurance operations and maximize profitability.

Admin support: We offer administrative support services for insurance companies, including data entry, document management, and general office tasks. Our team ensures that all administrative tasks are completed efficiently and accurately, freeing up your resources to focus on core business operations.

Insurance Data

Insurance Data Processing and Management

Underwriting data handling: Reliable and efficient outsourcing solutions to manage underwriting data, including data entry, verification, and analysis. Our team ensures the accuracy and completeness of data, allowing you to make informed underwriting decisions and mitigate risks.

Loss run process data management: Send timely send loss run requests to past insurance carriers and provide loss run data during policy renewals. Our team analyzes the loss run data and shares it with underwriters to notify them of any data errors before preparing the report of the claim.

Check policy data streamlining: Our outsourced process for reviewing policy documents ensures that any variances are identified, recorded, and reported to the insurance carrier. The team then requests a revised policy document to ensure that the final policy is error-free.

Billing and receivable data mapping: Our experienced insurance billing experts ensure that invoices are accurately and promptly delivered to the respective carriers. We follow up on payment collections and set up premium installments based on customer requests to ensure a hassle-free payment process.

Claims administration data control: Our outsourced claims administration services provide a proven way to manage your claims data. The expert team ensures that your data is accurate, complete, and up-to-date, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your claims administration processes.

Cancellation data management: Manage all your cancellations accurately and efficiently. With Glocal Insurance’s expertise and technology, you can digitalize the cancellation process while ensuring fewer manual errors or redundancies.

Premiums and commissions data management: Automate premiums and commissions tasks, improve collections and reduce the burden on manual tasks. Leverage Glocal Insurance’s experience to simplify the process!

Insurance Accounting

Insurance Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payrolling

Payroll processing services: Our team provides timely and accurate payroll processing services to ensure your employees are paid correctly and on time, freeing up your resources to focus on other business operations.

Accounts payable services: We provide end-to-end accounts payable services to manage vendor invoices, including processing, approval, and payment, to optimize cash flow and improve vendor relationships.

Financial analysis: Our team offers financial analysis services to help insurance companies make informed decisions about investments, pricing, and risk management, using advanced analytics and reporting tools.

Accounts receivable services: We provide efficient and reliable accounts receivable services to manage and collect outstanding customer payments, reducing the risk of revenue loss and improving cash flow.

Fixed asset management: Our team offers fixed asset management services to help insurance companies manage and track their fixed assets, ensuring compliance with accounting regulations and optimizing tax benefits.

Missed renewal lost & expiration lists of agents: We provide missed renewal lost and expiration lists of agents to help insurance companies track upcoming policy renewals and agent expirations, reducing the risk of lost revenue and missed opportunities.

Cash reports, balance sheet reports & income statement reports: Our team provides accurate and timely financial reports to help insurance companies monitor their cash flow, balance sheet, and income statement, enabling informed decision-making and improving financial performance.

Trust account reconciliation reports: We provide trust account reconciliation reports to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and provide transparency to clients on trust account management.

Operating account reconciliation: Our team provides operating account reconciliation services to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your company's financial records, reducing the risk of errors and improving financial performance.

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